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5 min readNov 8, 2023
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The world of sound design and audio editing has undergone a revolution thanks to advances in artificial intelligence. Regardless of how much we like it or not, AI voice generator technology has arrived to change the way we create and experience sound — that’s simply the way it is. These systems not only simplify the generation of realistic human voices but also offer endless creative possibilities in audio mixing and editing. So, let’s talk about how AI is transforming the field of sound design, giving professionals and amateurs access to innovative tools that push the boundaries of creativity and quality in audio productions, and then learn about this year’s top tools.

In the field of audiobooks and narration services. Many audiobook producers and platforms are now using AI-powered voice generators to create lifelike narrations. These AI systems can generate voices that sound remarkably human, providing a cost-effective and efficient alternative to hiring human voice actors. It’s simple: a popular audiobook platform might utilize AI to turn a written book into an audiobook quickly. The AI can select from a range of voice options to match the genre and tone of the book, and then generate the narration. This not only saves time and money but also allows for the rapid production of audiobooks, expanding the library of available content and making it accessible to a broader audience. This is just an example of how AI facilitates the synthesis of customized sound effects, boosting creativity. It also streamlines mixing and mastering, optimizing audio levels and eliminating unwanted noise, resulting in more professional audio productions. In short, AI is democratizing sound design and expanding its creative possibilities.


The Voice Generator Online is a free web application through which you can generate a voice from the text of your choice. It does not require any login process to use it. Also, it works with an integrated voice combination, which may vary depending on your browser, as it is downloaded from an external server; and there are many other voice templates available that you can select and adjust, such as changing the tone of voice to sound younger or older. And if that’s not enough, if you have already downloaded this app on your device, you will be able to use it offline. is an award-winning artificial intelligence-based text-to-speech platform that stands out for its robustness and ease of use, producing surprisingly human-like voices. It has served diverse industries, such as entertainment, banking, education, gaming, and more, and continues to improve its speech synthesis models. Its latest innovation, Genny, is a state-of-the-art AI voice generator that incorporates video and text-to-speech editing simultaneously, offering more than 500 AI voices in over 150 languages and more than 20 emotions. Users have detailed control over pronunciation, emphasis, and pitch, and can access a broad base of resources, from sound effects to royalty-free music. With more than 150 languages available, localization of content is simple. stands out as an innovator in speech synthesis, attracting the interest of renowned organizations worldwide.

Murf. ia is a versatile tool that transforms text into professional narration and voice overs with over 120 voices in 15 languages. It offers pitch and speed editing, as well as the ability to adjust settings and view audio before generating the final file. Murf Studio allows you to create explanatory videos with narration and background music, and it stands out for its ability to generate artificial intelligence voices that mimic real human emotions. It also makes it easy to clone voices from a single sample, without worrying about background noise or echoes. Drawbacks include limits on user plans and a lack of downloads on the free plan. Prices range from $19 to $99 per month.

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Voice Booking is a simple, fast, and free voice-over text generator. The most distinctive feature of this application is that there is a wide variety of languages to choose from and you can also select the gender: male or female. Additionally, once you register an account in this application, you will be allowed to save and download the audio file. Version 2.0 of this program is now available. It emphasizes specific words and phrases, pauses at desired places, and incorporates the project save function.


Speechify can convert text in any format into natural-sounding speech. This web-based platform can take any PDF, email, document, or article you send and convert it into audio that you can listen to instead of reading. It can also adjust the reading speed, which means you can listen to the converted audio at 5 to 9 times faster than usual. The AI software can identify more than 15 different languages when processing text and has more than 30 voices to choose from.

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Compared to the previous ones, is a slightly more difficult platform to use and understand at first glance, although this is something that is quickly resolved with the detailed video tutorial there for all beginners. It has an extensive list of over 570 AI voices, in over 60 languages and with up to 5 voice styles to choose from, giving users a wide range of mobility and possibilities. As for plans and prices, we comment that it has 3 individual plans and 2 for companies, and these range from $14.25 to $148.5 per month.

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