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Microphones help us shape the quality and impact of audio storytelling when podcasting. So, choosing the right microphone becomes even more important. You may start with an average (or low) quality microphone, but if you can buy something better, go for it.

Remember that when choosing the best microphone for podcasts, you should consider your needs and budget. A microphone with a cardioid polar pattern to minimize background noise is a good choice. Look for a USB connection for easy connection to your computer. Also, check to see if it includes features such as a stand and pop filter. Research reviews and comparisons to make an informed decision. Remember that versatility and convenience are key, in addition to price, so choose the microphone that best suits your recording style and environment.

1. Logitech Blue Yeti Microphone

The featured condenser microphone has two unique features for podcasters: adjustable pickup patterns for recording solos or groups, and built-in Blue VOICE software with audio effects, voice modulation, and HD samples. It allows you to capture audio direct or from a wide angle. Built-in software offers instant vocal modulation and sound effects. Includes a desktop cradle and USB, with an XLR option on premium models. The perfect solution for dynamic podcasts, with the flexibility of adjustment and exceptional sound quality. Elegant and functional finish, with superior quality and versatile features. Stands out for its custom audio editing software and useful presets. Suitable for everyday and light professional tasks. It offers outstanding value for money, and although it is not a studio microphone, its performance justifies its cost.

2. Shure MV7 USB/XLR mic

The Shure MV7 marks the iconic brand’s entry into the mid-range to entry-level microphone market for content creators and broadcasters. It features two XLR/USB outputs and focuses on voice recording. The MOTIV companion app provides real-time pitch correction and adjustable sound options, reducing the need for post-processing. The inevitable comparison with the Shure SM7B highlights the strengths of the MV7, being more economical and able to connect directly to a computer without additional ports. It does not require extensive technical expertise to ensure professional quality, making it an attractive option in its class.

3. Audio-Technica AT2020USB

For less than $100, the Audio Technica AT2020USB is an excellent choice for podcasters old and new. Its plug-and-play USB connection makes it easy to connect to a computer. Thanks to its sensitivity and wide frequency response, it offers excellent sound quality for recording vocals and instruments. It has a built-in headphone jack and volume control for live monitoring, as well as a table stand, a mounting bracket, and a 10-foot USB cable. Ideal for podcasting and music production, this versatile microphone features ease of use and quality, all for less than $80.

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4. Heil PR40

Inspired by the golden age of radio, the Heil Sound PR40 combines nostalgia and modernity. It offers clear sound and low self-noise levels that have been praised by experts and professionals. Although it appears to be a condenser speaker, it is versatile for vocals and music that excels in acoustically treated rooms. More effective in studios and cubicles, even when working in noisy environments such as cafeterias. Less expensive than competitors like the Shure, the PR40 delivers professional quality and saves time in post-production. Its strengths include a multi-mic setup and great sound, but it needs a pop filter.

5. Rode PodMic

The Rode PodMic delivers a clear, colorless signal with effective attenuation and an internal pop shield to control pops. It has an XLR connection for professional recording equipment and costs $99, allowing multiple microphones to maintain sound consistency in recordings. Although the design is simple, it lacks a table stand and other accessories. Its neutral and transparent sound signal ensures clear recordings, while its cardioid pattern suppresses background noise. Although Rode PodMic requires an equalizer to adjust the tone, it is a great investment for vocal recordings and various configurations.

6. Movo UM700

The Movo UM700 is a versatile desktop USB microphone with four adjustable pickup patterns, a removable windscreen, and volume and gain controls. Its metal construction ensures durability and a functional design. Although it lacks software features, it delivers crystal clear sound for $100. Perfect for musicians, podcasters, and live parties, its mute button and direct monitoring add to the convenience. The choice of polar patterns and its quality make the UM700 a great investment. However, it is not portable and does not include accessories. Its affordability, versatility, and sound quality make it a solid choice for a variety of applications.

7. JLab Talk USB Podcast Microphone

This mic offers exceptional sound quality at an affordable price, making it ideal for amateur podcasters, travelers, and gamers. Its construction includes a folding stand and a lightweight design. While the quality is good, the live monitoring function is limited in terms of volume control. Its polar pattern and mute function make it versatile. Despite setup issues with the audio output, Talk GO performed well in cardioid mode and recorded accurately at 24-bit/96 kHz. While not the same as a studio microphone, it is an affordable and practical choice for recording and light music applications.

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