Top 3 Best Headphones For Dialogue Editing in 2023

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4 min readSep 28, 2023
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Dialogue editing is a delicate art in the world of sound design and audiovisual post-production. Every sigh, word, or sound effect captured in a dialogue recording can have a significant impact on the viewer’s experience. In this regard, to achieve accurate, high-quality dialogue editing, it’s essential to count with the right tools, and headphones are one of those you can’t afford to be without during this process.

So, it is pivotal to mention the basics about this: not just about the headphones that we recommend as the best options for sound and dialog editing professionals this year, but to explain first the key criteria you need to know for selecting the idoneous headphones for your work.

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When you are looking for ideal headphones for dialog editing, you should consider 8 aspects:

1. Frequency response is essential for accurate, distortion-free reproduction across the spectrum, making it easy to detect subtle nuances.

2. Noise cancellation, whether active or passive, helps you focus on details in noisy environments.

3. Comfort is crucial for extended sessions

and 4. <durability ensures constant use.

5. Overall sound quality should be

faithful and accurate.

6. And 7. Portability and Connectivity are useful if you need to be on the go.

Finally, consider 8. Budget, as there are high-quality options in various price ranges.

Now, when selecting the best headphones for dialogue editing, it is crucial to understand certain technical concepts. First, headphones can be open or closed, and this distinction affects sound isolation and playback fidelity. Closed headphones isolate more sound, but can affect quality due to pressure buildup. Semi-open ones, such as the Beyerdynamic 770 Pros, balance isolation and fidelity.

Another important factor is frequency range: the wider the range, the greater the accuracy of the sound. Headphones with capabilities beyond the human ear can deliver an enriched musical experience.

Finally, impedance (measured in ohms) is related to electrical resistance and affects the power needed for headphones. Less than 100 ohms is used in portable devices, while 250 ohms is preferred in hi-fi and studio setups. The choice will depend on your specific needs and personal preferences.

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Our Top 3:

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Audio-Technica’s ATH-M50x headphones are highly praised and popular in the studio, gaming, and everyday use. They are based on the successful ATH-M50 and feature an improved detachable cable for convenience and versatility, ideal for professionals and users on the go. They offer passive noise isolation and large-aperture drivers that deliver outstanding sound quality. These headphones are the preferred choice of professional audio engineers and deliver exceptional clarity across the entire frequency range, including accurate bass. Their circumaural design isolates sound in noisy environments, they are foldable for portability and feature professional-grade materials for durability and comfort. Specifications include a 45 mm driver, 15–28,000 Hz frequency response, and 38 ohms impedance. In addition, they come with multiple cables and accessories, making them ideal for studio tracking, DJ monitoring, and personal listening.


The Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO headphones are an interesting choice as well. With a high impedance of 250 ohms, they offer a transparent, spacious, and natural sound, making them ideal for audio editing tasks. Their semi-open design provides a wide stereo image and detailed resolution, making them a reliable tool for professionals and producers. The spring steel headband is sturdy and adjustable, while the velour ear pads provide comfort. The DT 880 PROs are known for their top-notch impulse response, reproducing tracks neutrally and allowing for optimal vocal positioning in the mix. In addition, they stand out for their high-quality German manufacture. The main difference with the “Edition” version lies in the comfort of the headband and the type of cable, but in terms of sound, both models are identical.

Similarly, DT 990PRO is also an excellent choice for dialogue editing as well as other purposes, and we recommend you take a look at it.

Sennheiser Pro Audio HD 300 PRO

These headphones offer precise, linear reproduction that allows you to hear every detail, from deep bass to high-pitched nuances. They are foldable, making them ideal for editing on the move, and the circumaural viscoelastic ear pads ensure comfort even during prolonged sessions. In addition, their closed design provides excellent attenuation of ambient noise in noisy environments. These durable headphones come with interchangeable cables and use Sennheiser’s system connector. In short, the HD 300 PRO is an essential tool for those seeking precision and quality in their video editing work.

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